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Custom Embroidery in Delaware


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Whether it’s a logo on a hat, or a letter on a jacket, custom embroidery is a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd. Here we detail a few of our offerings, including hat embroidery and apparel embroidery, as well as offer some insight into how much our custom embroidery will cost. Learn more about Screen Printing or setting up your own online store

Embroidery Sizes + Locations

We get your logo digitized to-size. We can enlarge or shrink this design only a small percentage, about 10-15% in either direction without distorting or losing detail in the logo/design. Any more than that should be re-digitized to work on the new location.

Learn more about preparing your design for embroidery. 

Embroidering over Seams, Ribbed Tanks, Pockets, and Zippers

We do not embroider over zippers. We can embroider through pockets (if needed), but not on them; our machines won’t fit in those tiny places. We can embroider on thin material such as T-Shirts but recommend against Ribbed items as the material stretches and could warp your design. Embroidering over seams is okay, but threads can get pulled with the speed of the needles. We recommend not sewing over seams, if possible.

Care Instructions

All garments should be washed before wearing. We recommend cold water, color cycle, no bleach, and tumble dry or air dry to ensure the longevity of your logo and vibrancy of color, and please follow the manufacturers recommended washing instructions if listed on the tag or label.

Out of Stock Garments

Logo Motive will contact you if a particular garment or color is out of stock. We’ll do our best to find a suitable replacement or allow you to postpone your order if you really need that item. These options could both delay your turnaround time.

Manufacturer Defects

The manufacturing business is not perfect. Defects such as garment dye color, mislabeled sizes, and loose stitching can occur. We do our best to inspect each item before decoration, but we can’t guarantee they will not slip through inspection.

If you find a defect please let us know. We stand 100% behind the products we sell and will replace or refund you for the damaged goods.

Garment Subjectivity

Logo Motive will do our best to help you choose a garment you are happy with, meets your needs, and one you will love to put on every day. Although we’ll help you, we also expect you to do some research on your own. We do offer sizing spec sheets and charts for you to compare to your current shirt sizes. If you have any doubts at all about sizing, please order a sample. Blank samples are available for purchase, while only some are returnable, all are transferable to be included in your full production run.

Can I supply my own Garments for Embroidery?

Yes, all items must be new or freshly cleaned. We are not responsible for Customer Supplied goods that get damaged during the embellishment process. We also cannot guarantee the quality or longevity of the imprint or embroidery on such items. We take great care to avoid issues and maintain our equipment, but unfortunately not all retail items were designed with further embellishment in mind and run a higher risk of mishaps in the production stage. These items will be addressed with you at the time you drop off your goods. We stand 100% behind the products and embellishments that we supply through vendors who stand behind their products.

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